Fried egg with burnt sage butter, chilli and garlicky yoghurt 
Scrambled eggs with lentils and burnt sage butter

Fried polenta
Roasted mushrooms with anchovy croutons
Rostis with smoked salmon and dill creme
Crunchy prawn skewers with lemony avocado dip
Parmesan polenta fritters with smashed peas
Cauliflower fritters with garlic yoghurt
Smoked chicken sandwiches
Chevin and chive mini quiches
Holy guacamole
Spicy potato cakes
Green pancakes with lime butter
Anchovy toasts
Grilled Parmesan polenta squares
Baked garlic and herbed white cheese
Jamie's lamb tartare
Smashed broad bean and mint crostini

Jamie Oliver's summer chickpea salad
Chicken salad with bocconcini and croutons
Minty tomato, celery and black olive salad with balsamic dressing
Smoked trout salad with dill dressing
Lentil, salami and feta salad
Salmon salad with smoked paprika yoghurt dressing
Walnut, blue cheese and pear salad
Chickpea and cauliflower salad with olive-anchovy dressing
Pearl barley salad
Sausage, fig and crouton salad
Chickpea, feta and coriander salad
Red cabbage and citrus chicken salad
Mushroom, goats cheese & egg salad

Pomegranate, tomato & onion salad

Papaya & red onion salad

Sophia Loren's Parmigiana
Grilled greens with halloumi
Leek bread pudding
Baked cauliflower with yoghurt
Pesto lentil salad with buffalo mozzarella
Roast Pumpkin and mushroom
Artichokes with mint and parsley
Grilled aubergine with lentils, chilli, herbs
Spinach, artichokes, chickpeas, poached egg
Fried butternut with mint
Aubergine cheese cake
Grilled aubergine with gremolata

Heston Bumenthal's broccoli

Simple courgette pasta
Penne with pine nuts and aubergine
Ricotta gnocchi with lemon and thyme butter
Spinach and ricotta gnudi with tomato-butter sauce
Societi Bistro's aubergine fettuccine
Spaghetti with spring greens
Penne with lemon, ricotta and peas
Risotto nero
Pasta with spinach and blue cheese
Spaghetti with roasted lemon & garlic sauce
Baked spinach, labneh & tomato pasta
Pesto Trapanese 

Pappa al pomodoro (bread and tomato soup)
Cauliflower and brown rice soup
Chickpea soup
Spring minestrone

Chickpea and proscuitto quiche
Lentil frittata
Potato, Gorgonzola and dill pizza
Courgette and spicy salami pizza
Cardamom honey chicken
Roasted salmon with anchovy and caper butter
Tahini, pomegranate molasses and rosemary lamb with mint yoghurt
Buttered prawns with tomato, olives and Pernod
Butternut & cheese pie

How to cook the perfect steak

This and that

Homemade mayonnaise
Tocco di Noci (Walnut sauce)
Anchovy and walnut sauce
Amazing avocado sauce
Cumin, garlic, walnut and pomegranate molasses sauce
Chickpea pancake with fresh rosemary
Roasted Lemon Purée