Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pretty, pretty, glug, glug

I like to think I have above-average willpower. (Despite evidence to the contrary.)

I mean, I can resist flying into a rage when DVD Nouveau has rented out the next instalment of True Blood/30 Roc/Sons of Anarchy to someone else.

I can (occasionally) resist shouting ‘**nting retard!!’ at those who cut in front of me in the morning traffic.

I can even resist the (often quite powerful) urge to have scrambled eggs for both breakfast and dinner.

But I cannot resist a prettily packaged bottle of wine. I just can't.

In fact, I can’t quite fathom why more marketers haven’t cottoned on to this. I mean, the wine labels below could be stuck to a bottle of paint stripper, and I'd still... have to... buy them.

It’s a very real, very Alice in Wonderland ‘Drink Me’ compulsion.

Luckily, the ones below contain glorious wine, not paint stripper – I have tasted them all (except the Thunderchild).

I mean, just look at them…


Purdy, non?

I also quite like this one...

Red blend Alphabetical: get in touch with The Foodie, David Cope, at david@owlandvine.com
Secateurs: AA Badenhorst
Thunderchild: Lettie or Petro at the Herberg 023 626 3140
Kloof Street: Mullineux Family Wines
Six Hats: Citrusdal Wines


  1. Lovely post! I think the Warwick Three Cape Ladies is one of the most beautiful wine labels I have seen... gorgeous!

  2. they were delicious weren't they! Ah glorious wine wine wine!!!

  3. I am SO missing all those amazing SA wines! Sigh! Perhaps i need a trip through the looking glass and back to Cape Town!

  4. I especially love that first one - will have to test whether the contents live up to the pretty label!