Monday, November 15, 2010

Four mini restaurant reviews...

I'm not really into writing restaurant reviews, but I've built up a little collection of pretty pictures and wanted to share them with you. These are all great places to while away a sunny Sunday afternoon with friends.

Café Max

This is a charming, dreamy little spot in quiet Waterkant Street. The food is reasonably priced, and they sell an incredible wooded rosé made especially for them (it matches the shutters), and so I would recommend Café Max if you're in the mood to while away a sunny afternoon snacking and quaffing good wine in the City Bowl. More here.

Reuben's at the Robertson Small Hotel 

To know Reuben's in Franshhoek is to love it, and the Robertson branch is even prettier — set, as it is, in a gorgeously revamped Victorian hotel at the end of a leafy street. The service was a little on the slow side on our last visit, but frankly it could be non-existent and I would still keep going back for the duck. It just has to be tried to be believed. 
More here.

The Venue @ South Hill

The Venue, situated on South Hill wine estate just past Elgin, is a class act. Breathtaking scenery (think rolling hills and green, green, green vinyards), switched-on, friendly service and good food (the seafood chowder was the best I have ever tasted — I still dream about it). 
More here.


Marianas in Stanford

This is only my favourite restaurant. In the world. Ever. 

Mariana and Peter Estherhuizen are the nicest people — Peter an attentive host, always ready with a naughty anecdote, and Mariana makes food that, without fail, has me staring disbelievingly at my plate, thinking I have no business going near a kitchen.

Their philosophy might be summed up in a brief exchange I had with Peter once when I called to say we'd be late: 'Don't worry,' he said. 'Arrive whenever you feel like it, and we'll feed you whenever
we feel like it.'

It's a two-hour drive from Cape Town to Stanford, so make a day
— or a weekend — of it. More here.

A pretty scene in the Overberg...
PS: I've been selected as an ambassador for Kleine Zalze wines this summer. Just living the dream...


  1. Tried to get into Reubens when we were visiting wine country but no luck that evening. That duck loks good. Can I get any of those wines in the states-maybe use some on our TV show??

  2. What an exquisite post, Robyn! Beautiful pics, and you've succeeded in making me most homesick for the Cape!! Enjoy those gorgeous winelands - and Kleine Zalze - for me :-)

  3. cool places hope to visit South Africa one day heres a big plate of stew for you

  4. Lovely pics Robyn & congrats for being nominated ambassador for Kleine Zalze wines, great gig ;)

  5. That table at Marianas looks lovely, I'd go there for the table alone. Was the duck served with polenta?

  6. I love reading about restaurants! Great pictures and wonderful review!

  7. All of these spots are so sweet and quaint. I want to visit!

  8. Bite-sized reviews - perfect!! And beautiful photos... well done!!

  9. Been fortunate enough to eat at both the Venue and cafe Max (regularly) . For more of these unique type places, try Reneesance in Napier. It'll blow your cotton sox off. Nice article.

  10. Lovely photos......and oh that sun. Gorgeous...and congrats on your ambassadorial post!

  11. Your blog is lovely...I've been reading all your reviews on restaurants....I see you are a fellow South African.
    The Cape is indeed beautiful and you do it justice....I'll stop by again....found your link on Koeksister.