Friday, May 29, 2009

Nice nibble

I'd never tried to cook polenta before this, as I suspected it'd turn out like cornmealish-tasting peanut butter (yuk), or pap, which I loathe. I can't remember if I saw a recipe for this or if I made it up, but it's a simple (if you have made the polenta beforehand), yummy pre-dinner snack.

I make a huge batch of polenta, then leave it to set in a baking tray so that it can be cut into squares. I slice the squares in half lengthwise too so they're thinner (you get more crunch that way). Then just fry them in some olive oil, sprinkling Parmesan over them as they cook. They take quite a long time to get crispy. Once done just serve them on some paper towel, sprinkled with salt, black pepper and more Parmesan. They're crunchy on the outside, warm and creamy on the inside.

You can make a whole lot and keep it in the freezer for ages, then when you want to make some you just place the squares directly into a pan and fry (they don't need to defrost).

Pasta e imperfetto...

This was my first attempt at making pasta with my new pasta machine at the beginning of the year. It was too thin, and I cooked it for too long so it was mushy. But with a few pine nuts and some homemade pesto, it looked fantastic!